Our Data Collection System

Collecting healthcare data to support on-going scientific investigations presents unique challenges: security requirements, enrollment processes, data standards, submission formats and types, and even the timeframes during which data is collected. In our experience, systems designed for general purpose survey work do not work very well for healthcare data collection.

We built our data collection system from the ground up to support on-going scientific investigation essential to the long-term success of a healthcare registry. Your team will gather data, analyze it, and while making discoveries, identify additional data to be collected, often from a specific subset of your users. Scientific research is a cyclic learning process.

Our system is built with features that accelerate the learning cycles, starting with a data repository that continuously adapts to the data you want to collect. Your data collection forms can support standardized data elements and your own custom elements with sophisticated skip patterns and data validation logic yet you will find that forms are very easy to create, modify, and extend. (Read more about the Form Builder.) Built-in libraries of data elements and forms make it easy to reuse your carefully crafted forms in new studies.

Our system makes entering data easy for your users and accessing data easy for your researchers. It has the tools that your staff and your partners need to assist and manage. Read more about data collection using the links below.