Features For Staff

You may want to start with a single survey and release additional ones later. You may have several surveys that will be part of your new site launch. The Form Builder makes it easy for a team to create forms, review and revise them, and finally approve them for release to your users. The Form Builder can produce a data dictionary derived from your forms and questions too. Or we can build your forms for you and show you how to update them and add new ones after your site is launched. 

Either way, we will help you make your forms most usable and help you make best use of the pre-built forms and questions in the Form Builder library. We have implemented a variety of validated data collection instruments that you may wish to use in your survey and study designs.

Administrative reports will show you registration progress and the completion status of surveys and forms.  You can export the data that has been collected at any time. You can choose Excel or CSV formats for exported data.  Excel compatible exports are  logically organized into worksheets based on your forms and questions. Private access management or administrative dashboards can be composed to display selected sets of data of particular use to your administrative staff or management team.