Website Features

For your website, we will make full use of a broad range of features and functions available to us through open source communities. This provides a rich and growing library of software that has been tested and refined on thousands of websites. It is the fastest and most economical way to build a website today. And we have added a secure, scalable, healthcare data collection system. (Read about the many ways you will be able to receive data.) The following features will help your community thrive online.

  • Data Viewers The registry automatically generates charts for each question organized in the same way as your survey forms. You can also compose customized pages of charts showing registry and other data. (See some examples)
  • Social networking widgets and feeds We can add social media feeds within your site. These will show your Twitter or Facebook posts and will dynamically update as new posts are added.
  • Forums, Blogs, Wikis, FAQs Your new site has a built-in Content Management System (a CMS? what’s that?) with a complete suite of features that allow you and the members of your community to interact in many different ways. (See details)
  • Video feeds Online videos are often the most effective way to convey your welcome message, to help users get started, or to show your most recent community event.
  • Contacts and Suggestions Your site will have facilities for users to ask questions, tell you their likes, suggest improvements, and even to propose research questions. Links to these pages appear in menus and in handy locations throughout the site.
  • Quick Polls These can be both fun and interesting. You can announce a daily question or a question of the week. Users pick an answer and then see up 'to the minute' results. And they can come back later to view updated results. And you can enlist your users to suggest the questions.
  • News and NewslettersNews and newsletter pages help new users to review what your community does and makes it easier for registered users to keep up with current and planned activities. Your new site will have easily accessible places for both
  • Quick and Easy Donations When users see your community site in action, first-hand, and understand how it helps them and others, that is the time when they may be most inspired to contribute. We make it easy for them to do so. (Read more about this and other features to support non-profit organizations.)