Patient Community Support

Your new site will feature a registry and a rich set of community support features that support achieving four primary tasks:

Make it easy to join. Users register through a simple, efficient, and secure registration workflow that can be completed in a few easy steps. New registrants will review and accept your informed consent during registration. (See an example)

Collect the data. Your registry can receive data through web forms, bulk file uploads, and direct electronic submissions from partners or healthcare providers. Your new site can assist registered users in finding their healthcare provider's patient portals (through the Blue Button Connector) where they can retrieve their EMRs and then upload them to the community portal. We can even migrate data that you have already collected or import data that are available from your partners. (Read more about data collection)

Keep them coming back. Your site can provide features and functions that will keep your users coming back to learn and share and cope. It can start as simply as you want, grow with the needs of your community, and refine the features that are valued most. (Read about the most popular features)

Recruit. Recruit. Recruit. Spreading the word and getting new registrants on-board. It’s hard work. But your new site will make it easy to support new programs, new partnerships, new promotional events and will help you understand what is working best. (Learn more about recruiting)