Our Technology

An integrated suite of tools for creating data collection forms, engaging patients and researchers, integrating clinical data, and enabling new research ...

Form Builder – an interactive web application for creating your data collection instruments. Form Builder supports collaborative development of questions, forms, and surveys with role based review and approval processes. It can automatically generate your data dictionary. Its built-in libraries make it easy to reuse your forms and questions. Form Builder can also save you time by accessing public data standard repositories. It even provides an easy way to share and reuse your forms.

Collector – a platform for community support, patient surveys, and clinical data integration. The Collector offers a best of breed data collection platform and much more. It includes a full-function web site support system – one that is used to power many thousands of web sites. With thousands of plug-ins and easy customization facilities, Collector provides all you need to fully engage your target patient groups with dynamic interactive content and rich multi-media. You will have a wealth of community support features: forums, blogs, event calendars, social media feeds and posting widgets, and more. It can provide distinct user experiences for patients, family members, care givers, clinical collaborators, and other community groups and present customized and tailored content to each different user type.

Reports – Dynamically generated graphing facility. As your community contributes data, Reports automatically generates a user based view for each question in your repository. Views are generated dynamically to show 'up-to-the-minute' results. Graphs automatically include the respondent's answer to each question. You can also create custom dashboards composed of graphs for selected questions.

Repository – This is where all your research data is stored. The Repository is designed to dynamically adapt to changes in your data collection forms. It was built for highly secure, reliable, and scalable handling of very large data volumes. While offering economy and efficiency for more modest projects, it can grow with your workloads, supporting flexible workflows, comprehensive data security mechanism, and many concurrent data collection projects.

Connector – Provides standard-based secure receipt of data directly from other healthcare systems. The Connector presents a secure, web-service based facility for receiving and validating data directly from external systems. It merges data with manually submitted clinical, lab, and patient reported data to form a complete and integrated record.

Analytics – Our dynamic data explorer. Analytics provides wizard-based data analysis tools that dynamically adapt to any changes in your Repository. With Analytics, you can explore your data as it is being submitted, generate interactive graphical and tabular reports, and easily export any or all of your data for download to use with your favorite statistics package or spreadsheet.