Registry Software

Our registry software features:

  • a flexible form builder for developing data collection instruments,
  • an adaptive data repository that evolves to accomodate new or changing surveys and forms,
  • a full-function content management system that will engage and support your target patient population,
  • a dynamic data presentation system that will dynamically generate selected views of collected data to your patient registrants, advocates, collaborating researchers and other users groups

We provide our software as a hosted solution (software-as-a-service).  Alternatively we can work with your in-house IT staff to install and support the software in your infrastructure.

Our software can be configured and customized to support one or more cancer or tumor registries.  With our new sub-registry features you can easily handle sets of related diseases with general and disease-specific forms all submitting data to a common repository.  We support patient advocacy initiatives with highly functional patient data management capabilities.  Our system is used for all kinds of patient portals including patient registries and patient outcomes research.

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