Our Software Offerings

We provide software that helps you collect data from patients, caregivers, clinicians, and combine it with data from other systems.  We have two way that you can reach your users on mobile.  And we have an entirely new solution for managing and integrating your data and publishing it in research and analysis ready formats.

  • Registry Software: a best of breed data collection system with an integrated content management system. We will build website optimized for patient engagement with  sub-registry support, automatic report generation, longitudinal study models, and much more. With a fully responsive user interface, it can run on phones, tablets and desktops with equal facility. 
  • Mobile Apps: extend our registry software to collect data and provide services to your community members on their mobile devices
  • Data Management: we can help you organize the data that you have collected, standardize it, merge it and transform it into a common data model, and even create extracts that conform to a consistent and standardized data model.  It works with published data standards and public and cloud based source data. It is especially well suited to helping you organize, manage and integrate the data in your Big Data infrastructure! (Got a data lake?)