Clinical Research

Our Clinical Research solution contains all the tools that you need to rapidly, easily, and economically design and launch, a complete, patient-engaged clinical research project. You will start with Form Builder to translate your research concept into a set of data collection modules and forms. This flexible tool lets you quickly implement simple and short forms but can easily handle large ones with complex imbedded logic too. It can make your forms interactively adapt to user responses making the respondent's experience streamlined and efficient. Form Builder lets you develop your forms together with a collaborating team, and review and approve your forms all within its managed workflow. It even lets you publish a data dictionary for use in your review process or for working with your IT department, if your study will be integrating data from EMRs (using Connector) or from referring physicians (for example, in the form of a patient requested Continuity of Care Document). And if you’d like, we will even create the forms for you.

Once your forms are ready, they are published to CURE’s Collector where clinicians and patients can securely and efficiently submit data. Collector lets you track submissions and review the status of forms for patients and collaborating investigators. It can even accept dynamic modifications and additions to forms should you want to delve into some areas in more detail as your study proceeds. The adaptive data model built into our Repository makes this possible.

As your study proceeds, you will want to see the data. What is it showing? What are the findings? What are the learnings and how can that help patients get better and stay well? That's the exciting part of clinical research. To view your data as it is being collected, you will use the Data Visualizer. It has a set of tools that query your data, present it in graphs and tables right on the Collector. You can show some or all of it to your study participants. And we provide a quick and easy download facility to let you load your data into your favorite statistics tool or spreadsheet.

And a word or two about your data ... Your data is your data. You can export any subset of your data or the whole repository at any time. No hidden costs or service charges, no data export fees, no lock-in tricks, no hassles. And we do not make you sign any usage rights over to us. It's your data and yours alone, available to you whenever you want it.

We have spoken to many clinical researchers and patient engagement organizations who have tried to do their work with tools designed for clinical trials or general surveying. Those approaches, while workable, are far from ideal. CURE was designed with the more specialized features needed for patient engaged clinical research yet is unencumbered by all of the extras needed to support clinical trial work, especially the extra costs.