Form Builder

Our Form Builder is a flexible, easy-to-use, web based application. It lets you create surveys as a sequence of forms that contain your survey questions. Development of forms is fast and easy. You can create a new form by modifying one in the forms library or by composing it from questions stored in the question library. Similarly, you easily create a new question for your survey from scratch or by modifying a question. Your new questions and new forms can be stored in the question library for reuse. Form Builder can also search external data standards repositories such as NCI's Cancer Data Standards Repository (caDSR) and load questions onto your forms.

Forms can contain powerful embedded logic (also commonly called skip logic). It allows your forms to be reactive. As a respondent answer questions, your forms will present more detailed questions based on that respondent's prior answers. This makes your forms easy and efficient to complete. Respondents will experience an interactive and streamlined survey process.

Form Builder lets your team work together to create, review and approve your survey. When it is ready for use by your community, we will install it in your community portal for you – one of our support services. Your forms will contain many automatically generated data validation rules (such as data range and type checking). We will help you create and any additional data validation rules such as ones that compare or evaluate dates for logical consistency. Finally, when all is ready, we will release your new survey to your community.