Features For Users

Each of your newly registered users will see a personalized dashboard when they login. It greets them by name, shows them their surveys arranged by completion status, and provides convenient access to views of submitted data. The dashboard can include links and menus listing: information resources, events, partner sites, access to your help videos and podcasts, news, newsletters, polls, etc. It can provide links to collect user feedback and suggestions. The surveys are composed of a set of data collection forms which break data entry into a sequence of manageable steps tracked with a helpful progress indicator. Users can pause along the way with the ‘Save for later’ function. 'Save and go forward’ automatically advances to the next form. 'Save and go back’ recalls the previous form.

Users can upload their Electronic Medical Records into a convenient repository. It allows users to review, annotate, update, and designate specific EMRs for sharing. The data collection system will process EMRs that are user-approved for sharing and that comply with data standards, extracting data and loading it into your data repository. In this way, your repository can contain clinical data complementing the patient reported data submitted through the surveys/web forms. Read more about integrating data from sharable EHRs into your repository

Do you include friends, family members, patient advocates, or caregivers in your community? Each of these sub-groups can be provided with specialized resource pages, news, data views, surveys, and feedback forms.