Data Connections

Your new data collection system will receive and integrate data from other systems as easily as collects data from users through web forms. Integrating data from multiple sources offers enormous advantage to patient communities and clinical researchers. Your new system will be able to receive data in many ways and in many formats.

The most popular sources for additional data include:

  • Data Partner Exchange: Partners can collect data on your behalf using their in-house systems and send you regular updates. The data may complement what you collect on your web forms (such as EMRs, biospecimen data, or lab data). Your partner may have their own patient portal that provides an alternative to your web forms. A secure data port allows your repository to receive these updates and process them for inclusion into your repository creating an integrated record of all data for your community participants. Partner exchange provides support for joint studies, data quality initiatives, and partner sponsored outreach programs.
  • Data Import: You may already have data on hand or may be collecting it in another system. Sometime in the future, you may gain access to new sources of data. We can load any or all of these data into your new system creating a secure and integrated data resource for you. Imported data can be presented as any other data on graphical charts. The data import process will integrate imported data with their existing records or will automatically create new registration credentials for community members. Our team will work you to identify and resolve any conflicts or gaps in you data import files. We also conduct formal quality assurance on the post-import data.
  • Bulk File Upload: Many communities have lists of existing members. We can use these to ‘pre-register’ members prior to the launch of your new site. This lets you recognize existing membership when you announce your new data collection initiative. These members will still have to create a new, private, secure password. Any other registration data that you have for them will pre-loaded by the bulk file upload process. Our team will work you to properly format your files, identify and resolve any conflicts or gaps, and conduct formal quality assurance on the uploaded data.
  • EMR Upload: Your community will be able to upload, store, and share their EMRs. Depending on their format, shared EMRs can be processed by the data collection system. Selected data from these EMRs can be integrated into community member records adding important clinical data to your repository. Our technical team can work with you to understand technical details such as the acceptable data formats and the advantages of incorporating EMR-sourced data in your repository.